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Enemy Editor v0.55

for Mongoose and Avalon Hill RuneQuest (MRQ & RQ3)    [ Changelog ]    [ Info ]

Game system: Mongoose RuneQuest (MRQ)

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Houserules: [ ? ]

Armor penalty multiplier: %

Basic level

This defines the character's basic level. Ie. characteristics are generated based on these numbers, 1 meaning the minimum of characteristic (3 on STR on humans), 100 meaning the maximum of the characteristic (21 on STR on human). So with numbers of 1 and 100 value of the STR characteristic will be generated between 3 and 21. With value of 80, the characteristic will be limited to 80% of the maximum 21.

Spell amount

This defines how many spells character will have with each spell type available.

Magical skills

This defines percentages of the spell casting skills.

Rune amount modifier

Each character has fixed amount of possible runes. With this parameters you can set the final amount of the rune amount. If you want characters to have less runes, type a negative value, if more, type positive value.

Weapon skills

This defines the characters percentages of weapon skills.

Armor level

This defines the characters armor's level.

Basic skills

This defines the characters percentages of basic skills.

No rune integration needed for casting rune magic spells

As default, characters will be able to cast rune magic spells only if they are integrated to runes. With this option set, characters can have and cast rune magic spells that are available through their cult without rune integration.

Armor penalty multiplier

Armor causes penalty to DEX based skills. With this modifier you can modify the armor penalty amount. Setting this to 50%, armor penalties are halved, with 0% armor penalties are ignored.


Version 0.55 [2009-05-22]

  • Added switch for controlling armor level (in Custom level)
  • Divine magic spells are now categorized by cult types. Ie. war cult has now access only to spells that are for war cults (MRQ)
  • Fixed some found minor bugs

Version 0.5

  • Added support for Avalon Hill RuneQuest (aka RQ3)
    • includes 13 enemies
  • Support for Godlearners and Wyrmfriends (MRQ)
  • Support for incorporeal creatures
  • Support for enemies with mount
  • Better support for companion spirits
  • Added 7 new enemies (MRQ)
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 0.4

  • Added six new monsters
  • Fixed again some minor bugs

Version 0.3

  • Support for diseases and poisons
  • Character generation is now much faster
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 0.2

  • Support for comprehensive magic items (items with bindings, enchanted weapons and armors etc.)
  • Rune amounts are now determined in character files, amounts can be increased or decreased with Rune amount modifier
  • Added new characters (and more to come)
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 0.1

  • First release for public testing
What is Enemy Editor?

Enemy Editor is character generator software for Mongoose Publishing's RuneQuest (MRQ) and good old Avalon Hill RuneQuest (RQ3) roleplaying game.

How to use it?

Firstly, select your wanted game system and press Select.

Secondly, select race, type wanted amount, select level and press generate.